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July 25,2019.

I.What is audio crossover inductors?

We know that audio crossover inductors are manufactured as air coils. That is, the copper wires are wound one by one, and the wires are insulated from each other. When a current flows through the wires, a magnetic field is generated around the coil, and the strength of the magnetic field and the current flowing through the coil are proportional to the number of turns of the coil.

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II. The functions of air core coil.

The wire material of the air-core coil may be a metal device such as copper, iron, aluminum or gold. The center of the coil may be inserted into the metal magnetic device to enhance the magnetic field generated by the conductive flow. Coil, Air-core coils are commonly used as electronic current transformers, with frequency bandwidth, small size, light weight, easy for digital measurement, and protection of microcomputers.

III. What is the difference and connection between the air coil and core coil inductor?

The magnetic permeability of the air-core coil is air permeability, and relative magnetic permeability is 1 constant. The core of air coil is ferromagnetic, and its magnetic permeability is not a constant. It decreases as the magnetic flux density in the core increases, which means that the larger the magnetic density, the smaller the inductance.

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IV.Application fields of air-core coils

Air-core coils widely used in induction receiving, focusing, magnetic cards, magnetic heads, high current coils, low voltage electrical appliances, industrial controls, household appliances, car electronics, SMT placement, mobile phones, wireless transceivers, electronic navigators, power conditioners, amplifiers.

V.We accept customized air core coils

Hefei Mycoil Technology Co.,LTD specializes in the production and sales of round air-core coils, Voice coil wireless charging universal self-adhesive coils, flat coils, and other high-frequency coils.  used to make relays, motors, motors, wireless devices, speakers and other devices. We design it as round, square, oval and various shapes. Made into relays, motors, motors, wireless devices, speakers and other devices.

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