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Look Forward to the Early Standardization of LED Power Electronic Transformers

March 27,2018.

Since year of 2017, the demand for LED backlighting and lighting market continues to be strong, and LED chips, packaging and applications are full of orders. However, the market prospect of LED is good, but due to the constraints of price, quality and other reasons, the general public is still difficult to accept the higher price than traditional lighting products, so the price war between manufacturers has not discontinue.

The price war reduced the profits of the manufacturer, there are a large part of manufacturers in order to maintain profits, and use of raw materials, low-cost manufacturing products, has led to a decline of the product quality, causing users more distrust LED products. Leading to the occurrence of vicious cycle, is not conducive to the development of the industry. The cost ratio of occupying LED lamps is very large. If we can start from the cost of LED power, we will be able to alleviate part of the cost pressure.

Electronic transformers an important component of LED power supply, due to the diverse needs of LED power electronic transformer, making use of electronic transformer type style, so can not use the myriads of changes, automation of production, while the artificial production of electronic transformer cost is very high.

Hefei Mycoil Technology Co.,LTD is skilled at manufacturing LED modules high frequency transformers, lan transformer, telecom transformer inductors, choke coils, EMI components, magnetic cores(ferrite core, sendust core, power core, amophous core ). Mainly in home market before, now we started our oversea market. We accept custom design and OEM service.

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