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High Frequency Matching Transformer for Switching Power Supplies

High Frequency Electronic Matching Transformers are intended for measuring electric signal voltages or currents which contain useful data. They match the signal source with the load ensuring the minimum signal distortion. Along with active components (such as transistors and lamps) they are included into devices amplifying electric oscillations that work within a wide frequency band.
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    MCTT5211C00X Matching Transformers
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product description

High frequency matching transformers fall under input, interstage and output transformers. Input transformers are connected at the amplifier input and match the signal source's output resistance with the amplifier's input resistance. As the input signal level is relatively low, such transformers require good protection from external magnetic fields.

Matching transformer from Hefei Mycoil is intended for telecommunications equipment. It is equivalent to SM-LP-5001. Asymmetric transformer i.e. it has two identical windings. With planar leads intended for SMD printed wiring. However, they also allow soldering into holes. It has the transformation ratio of 1:1; its input and output impedance is 600 Ohm. The transformer's insulation resistance is 100 mega Ohm. It is a small device with the dimensions being 12.5× 9.6 ×7.36 mm.

We produce various audio transformer and impedance matching transformers. All matching transformer materials we used are environmental protected. We accept custom made and OEM service.


Part Information

Product Name: High Frequency Matching Transformer for Switching Power Supplies

Product Range: Transformers, Inductors, coils, bobbins, ferrite cores.

Applications: Switching power supplies, high frequency transformers,  chargers, inverters, UPS, SMPS, VCD/DVD players, audio and visual equipment, OA machines, household appliances. 
Packing Details: PP packing belt + Outer packing hard paper carton + inner packing pearl cotton or plastic tray

Samples time: 7-10 days for customized parts, 3-5 days for standard parts.


Electrical Specifications

Nominal Impedance:600 Ω

Turns Ratio 1:1

Insertion Loss:2.0 dB max. at 2 kHz

Frequency Response:±0.25 dB max. 200-4 kHz

Return Loss:24 dB min. 200-4 kHz

Balance:80 dB min.

Distortion:-76 dB max.@ 600 Hz, -10 dBm

Dielectric Strength:2000 VRMS for 1 min.

Insulation Resistance:100 MΩ @ 500 V

DC Resistance

Primary:115 Ω ±15 %

Secondary :115 Ω ±15 %

Shunt Inductance:3.8 H min.

Shunt Loss:7500 Ω min.

Leakage Inductance:6 mH typ. @ 1 kHz

Power Level :10 dBm

Operating Temperature:-20 °Cto +85 °C

Storage Temperature:-40 °Cto +85 °C

Product Dimensions

High Quality Telecom Matching Transformers from MCTFactory New Design Audio Matching Transformers

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