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Switching Power Transformer ER28 Vertical Bobbin

Winding bobbin ER28 pin 9-9. ER28 vertical bobbin. Bobbin Size=36.2mmX26.2mmX29.4mm. Pin Pitch=4.0mm. Parallel Distance=20.0mm. We can make bobbin tooling. DIP bobbin. Phenolic transformer bobbin. UL REC:94V-0

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product description

Bobbin factory hot sale flyback transformer bobbin ER28, good quality and best price, fast shipping time, samples can be provided to test first. 

Quick Details

Part No: MCT-2868

Brand Name: MCT

Material: Phenolic

Color: Black

UL REC: 94V-0

Logo: Can be customized

Lead Time: 20 days after payment

Custom Made: Available

Certification: ISO9001,ROHS,CE

Packing: Carton, accept customize

OEM: Available

MOQ: Any quantity


Part Information

Product Name: Switching Power Transformer ER28 Vertical Bobbin 

Product Range: Transformers, inductors, coils, bobbins, ferrite cores.

Applications: switching power supply transformers, inductors, coils, high frequency transformers, filters.

Samples time: 7-10 days for customized parts, 3-5 days for standard parts.

Shipping Details: By air, By ship, etc.

Advantages: Professional transformer winding bobbin factory, complete specifications.

Our Factory is made up of 500 people, huge output can be finished every day.

All materials are environmental protected. We accept custom made and design service.


Any request, please contact us, we will give you fast reply.


Skype: sales003_125

Contact: Miss Lily Yu


Product Specification

ER28 vertical bobbin supplier

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