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We Use Automatic Soldering Machine to Soldering Transformers and Inductors


We use high temperature automatic soldering machine when mass production of electronic transformers/inductors. It made soldering work faster and more accurate.

Do You Know Transformer Automatic Soldering Machine?

Insufficient solder joints and inconsistent solder bumps can cause electronic products to be out of power. So the transformer automatic soldering machine is more suitable for mass production of electronic transformers and inductors. The general output is 5000PCS/hour. It is common for the hand, no need to change the fixture. Workers can operate transformer automatic high temperature soldering machines more easily. Solder is safe and efficient, and operators can stay away from high temperature tin furnaces.

Why use Automatic Soldering Machine?

1.Built-in multi-stage pre-welding function can effectively reduce the phenomenon of soldering beads, pre-welding depth.

2.The tin surface is designed with a tin cup to ensure a constant tin surface. Solder height can be set to 0-90mm.

3.we can set the soldering time (0.1 seconds - 9.9 seconds), the soldering temperature is automatically controlled, and the liquid surface is not easily oxidized.

4.Any vertical and horizontal transformers can be soldered.

5.Made of titanium alloy material, resistant to high temperatures of 500 degrees.

Below is YouTube video link of our automatic soldering machine work:

You can see worker is on using automatic soldering machine to solder EE16 high frequency power transformers.

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