Hefei Mycoil Technology Co.,LTD(MCT) is a high-tech and growing enterprises, we are committed to the development and production of various types of coil products, various types of filter products. Meet the needs of customers with various required for coils and filter products. Company R & D and production as a whole, relying on the technical strength of colleges and universities, continuous development and innovation, product quality and service are constantly leap.

MCT provides customers with precise customization of magnetic components such as transformers, inductors, etc. Although MCT is very young, but the understanding of the industry and market is very profound. Firstly, we have a R&D team which proficient in professional and technical, they can meet different requirements from customers, helping customer to develop and research many kinds of projects. Secondly, we have a experienced sales team, they have a professional understanding of the products and committed to providing better services and product solutions. Electronic transformer inductors factory, Hefei Mycoil Technology Co., LTD

Our products:

·R&D for custom made products and solutions on about coil/choke/filter/transformer/other coils relative products

· EMI filter used for DC circuit
· EMI filter used on AC circuit with electrical power

· Through hole type chokes include DIP inductor and SMD inductors
· Large current surface mount inductor
· High frequency noise resistant inductor
· PFC inductor,PQ series,EE series,RM series
· Small footprint SMD inductor include Shielded inductor and Integrated inductor
· Common mode choke,three phase mode choke,four phase mode choke

· Flyback transformer,Forward transformer,Push pull transformer,pulse transformer
· Encapsulated transformer
· Power line lamination transformer,PCB mount transformer
· 10base-t isolation transformers
· High voltage transformer,inverter transformer

· Current transformer
· Current sensor transformer
· Voltage transformer

· Ferrite cores,Mn Zn ferrite cores,Ni Zn Ferrite cores
· Powder cores
· Sendust cores
· Amorphous core
· Electrical transformer bobbin and clips

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