Enterprise spirit

Hefei Mycoil Technology Co.,LTD(MCT) based on the majority of employees, committed to serving customers, to provide customers with better and faster service. Conform to the progress and development of the times, change actively. Through the training of employees in MCT enterprises, to promote the continuous improvement of customer service. Take customer satisfaction as the purpose, guide and improve the basic quality of MCT enterprise staff.
MCT train and guide employees to actively play their own initiative, actively seek higher, faster and better development space for enterprises. Take the enterprise survival as the survival idea, positively unceasingly enterprising, opens up the innovation.

MCT cultivate enterprise staff team cooperation optimization consciousness. Let employees really understand the effectiveness and essence of high flame collection. Give full play to the team strength, to provide greater strength for better service to customers. Because of hard work and strong themselves; because of paying attention and increasingly outstanding; sincerely create value for customers!
MCT staff spirit is realistic, progressive, courageous challenge, pioneering and innovative, and constantly enterprising.
MCT employees should always remember the spirit of the enterprise, and always encourage themselves with the spirit of enterprise.

Group consciousness
Group consciousness is an important psychological factor in the formation of cohesive force within an enterprise. Each employee to their work and act as a part of the realization of business objectives, to himself as a member of MCT enterprises are proud of MCT enterprise's achievements have a sense of honor, so the MCT enterprise as its own interests and vested in the community. Strive for the goal of the enterprise, and consciously overcome the behavior inconsistent with the realization of the enterprise goal.

Enterprise image

Mycoil technology is based on talents, market-oriented, guaranteed by quality, and aimed at service!

Enterprise mission
MCT is a people oriented, market oriented, committed to providing better services and product solutions.

Hefei Mycoil Technology Co., LTD is professional electronic components manufacturer and supplier

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