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Transformer is an electrical device which transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another using conductors ortransformer coils. Widely used in a large varity of industries, such asLedGreen lighting,Switch-mode power supplies,Data transmission, as well as inelectronic data-processing facilities.

  • Audio Frequency Transformers
    Audio Frequency Transformers
    Being magnetic devices, audio frequency transformers are specifically designed for audio circuits to carry audio signal. They are normally small in size and have iron cores. They can be used to block radio frequency interference or the DC component of an audio signal, to split or combine audio signals.
  • Flyback Transformers
    Flyback Transformers
    High Frequency flyback transformer(FBT), also called aline output transformer(LOPT), it's the simplest and most commonly used topology in switch mode power supply forsmall power supply applications. Switch mode power supply is higher efficiency because of low power losses.
  • Toroidal Transformer Power In 30~2000VA
    Toroidal Transformer Power In 30~2000VA
    Toroidal transformeris a major type of electronic transformers, has been widely used in home appliances and other high-tech electronic equipment, its main purpose is as a power transformer and isolation transformer.Toroidal transformer has a good performance and low cost, good output characteristics and anti-jamming capability, so it is a competitive electronic transformer.
  • Current Transformers
    Current Transformers
    Current transformer(CT) is a type of transformer, which mainly used to measure AC Current. Current transformers are the current sensing units of the power system. The output of the current transformers are used in electronic equipment and are widely used for metering and protective relays in theelectrical power industry.
  • EE/EI/UI Encapsulated Transformer
    EE/EI/UI Encapsulated Transformer
    Encapsulated transformer is one type of electronic transformer,the basic features of encapsulated transformer are dustproof and waterproof, non-encapsulating transformers can only be installed indoors or in machinery. MCT produce and design EE/EI/UI encapsulated transformers with insulation class B properties. Especially suitable for printed circuit boards, computer processors, domestic appliances, telecommunications, lighting and photo technologies, other electronic applications.
  • R Type Transformers
    R Type Transformers
    We produce and design low frequency/high frequency R type transformers, R type transformer is a rookie of dry-type transformers products. Its core system using width varying quality oriented cold rolled silicon steel coils made of round waist, and a circular section, can be wound without cutting. If you need customized R type transformers, we can design for you.
  • SMPS Transformers
    SMPS Transformers
    The switching power supply transformer is a power transformer(SMPS transformer) that is added to the switch tube and has the function of insulation isolation and power transmission. MCT specialized in manufacturing various high frequency switch mode power transformers, such as flexible SMPS transformer EFD15/EFD20, flexible SMPS transformer ER9/ER11.5/ER14.5, flexible SMPS transformer ETD39/ETD49/ETD59, etc. We accept custom design and OEM service.
  • LAN Transformer
    LAN Transformer
    The Lan transformers include T1/E1 isolation transformers; ISDN/ADSL interface transformers; VDSL high-pass/low-pass filter modules, interface transformers; T3/E3, SDH, 64KBPS interface transformers; 10/100BASE, 1000BASE-TX isolation transformers; RJ45 Integrated transformer; we can design Lan transformers according to customer's different requirements.
  • Low Frequency Transformers
    Low Frequency Transformers
    We are professional transformer manufacture, we use ferrite cores to design high frequency transformers, and use high-permeability silicon steel to design low frequency transformers. There is no difference in principle between high frequency transformers and low frequency transformers. Low frequency transformers mainly used to spread the signal voltage and signal power, and also to achieve impedance matching between circuits and have an isolation effect on DC power.
  • RF Balun Transformer
    RF Balun Transformer
    Balanced and unbalanced lines have different electrical characteristics, so they can't be connected easily. Balun transformer provide impedance conversion for two different lines. We produce RF balun transformer, mainly used for broadband and wireless communications, VHF/UHF receivers/transmitters and push-pull amplifiers.
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