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Magnetic core is a high magnetic permeability materials, used to confine and guide magnetic fields in electrical, electromechanical and magnetic devices such as electromagnets, high-frequencytransformers(as switching power supply, line output transformers), electric motors, generators, inductors, magnetic recording heads, and magnetic assemblies.

  • Ferrite Core
    Ferrite Core
    Magnetic ferrite cores mainly for DVD, personal computers, HDTV, tele communication equipment, and various electronic transformers such as switching power transformers, pulse transformers, driving transformers and choke inductors, etc. We producing and designing different series ferrite cores, such as EE/EC/PQ/RM/UU/UF/UYF/EI/EFD/RM/PM/POT/EPC cores. 
  • Powder Core
    Powder Core
    Magnetic permeability of powder iron core is from 10mu~100mu, it has toroidal core, EE core, UU core, rod type core, other shape cores. With natural air gap distribution, mainly used in energy storage inductor, dimmer choke coil, EMI noise filter, DC output / input filter, anti noise device, various electronic transformers, etc.
  • Sendust Core
    Sendust Core
    Sendust core also called Kool Mu Core. Mainly for power factor correction circuit (PFC inductor), flyback transformer, pulse storage filter inductor. It also suitable for filters that eliminate online noise.The permeability of magnetic permeability from 26 μ ~125 μ. Toroidal core, U type core, E type core, block type core, are all cost effective magnetic cores.
  • Amorphous Core
    Amorphous Core
    MCT provides EMC common mode inductor with nanocrystalline core, inverting high frequency transformer core, output filter inductance and PFC inductor, amorphous C core, C type nanocrystalline core and rectangular nanocrystalline core. Mainly for new energy electric vehicle controller and charging pile, solar inverter, wind generator, motor control inverter, computer power supply, communication power supply, etc
  • Ferrite Rod Core
    Ferrite Rod Core
    The main features of rod core ferrite cores are reduced magnetic field interference, improved frequency and performance, noise immunity, improved signal rate, and reduced distortion. Ferrite rod core usually used in household appliances, lighting and car electronics, mobile communications, computers, power tools, aerospace, etc.
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