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The Lan transformers include T1/E1 isolation transformers; ISDN/ADSL interface transformers; VDSL high-pass/low-pass filter modules, interface transformers; T3/E3, SDH, 64KBPS interface transformers; 10/100BASE, 1000BASE-TX isolation transformers; RJ45 Integrated transformer; we can design Lan transformers according to customer's different requirements.

  • 10BASE-T Isolation Transformers
    10BASE-T Isolation Transformers
    We are ISO9001 certified factory, we produce and design kinds of high frequency transformers, current transformers, drum core inductors, toroid inductors, Isolation transformers, our 10BASE-T Isolation transformers are available with common mode chokes for EMI suppression. Surface mount, IC grade, transfer-molded package withstands 235°C peak temperature profile.
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