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Toroidal Inductor Ferrite Core Power Inductor

Sendust core/ferrite core toroidal inductor. "RoHS Compliance" product, label outside package. Vertical and horizontal orientations optimize EMI/RFI. Compatible with low cost through-hole assembly.

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    MCT-Power Inductor Series
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product description

We are a factory, specialized in manufacturing coil type product and filters as well(kinds of transformers, chokes, inductors, other accessories) for 10 years in china. If you are looking for high quality toroidal power inductors supplier, welcome to contact us.

Quick Details

Part No: MCT-Power Inductor Series

Brand name: MCT  

Inductance test: 20KHz/0.1V 

Custom made: Available

Mounted type: Horizontal, vertical, base

Logo: Can be customized

Lead time: 25 days after payment

Pay terms: T/T

Packing: Carton, can custom

MOQ: Any quantity

Lead time: 25 days after payment

OEM: Available

Certification: ISO9001,ROHS,CE

Shipping: Air, Ship, etc

Part Information

Product Name: Toroidal Inductor Ferrite Core Power Inductor   

Products Range: Transformers, Inductors, coils, bobbins, ferrite cores.

Applications: High power switch-mode power supplies. Power line filters. High power audio filters. Solar inverter. White goods. Motor drivers.

Samples time: 7-10 days for customized parts, 3-5 days for standard parts.
Packing Details: PP packing belt + Outer packing hard paper carton + inner packing pearl cotton or plastic tray

Product Specification

Power inductor electronic specificationFerrite core power inductor

If you have any questions, please contact us or leaving your comments, we will give you fast reply.


Skype: sales003_125

Contact: Miss Lily Yu

TEL: +86 551 6619 6829

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  • 10 Pins EI28 Vertical Bobbin EI28 Vertical Ferrite Core Transformer Bobbin 6+6 Pins

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  • ET20 Filter Inductor Base Supplier ET20 Vertical 2+2 Pins Inductor Base For Transformer

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